Porn Proof Your Child

Porn Proof Your Child

Teresa is available to speak on the following topics to parent groups at schools or churches or to members of other organizations concerned about the escalating threat pornography poses to our children.
  • As Christian families in a postmodern world, we find ourselves in a battle for our children like never before. Drugs, alcohol, teen sex, and other temptations bombard them from all sides. Valiantly we stand at the door and fight to keep these influences away while pornography silently creeps into our homes. This powerful yet practical workshop teaches parents how to steer their children away from pornography and to prepare their children's hearts and minds to resist porn's temptation.

  • Surveys show that up to 90 percent of children ages 8 to 18 have already seen pornography. How should you react if you discover your child has been exposed to porn? Teresa guides parents in assessing the damage done by exposure and in taking the steps necessary to protect and/or free their child from porn.

  • Pornography is nothing new. Why, then, are counselors seeing an increase in children and teens addicted to porn? A number of factors have combined to cause our children to grow up too fast and become more vulnerable to pornography's attraction. Let Teresa illuminate the active and passive roles society plays in promoting pornography.

  • We want to believe pornography addiction is something that only happens to other families in distant cities. Unfortunately this silent epidemic has invaded every area of our country. But we can fight back. Teresa will show you how to battle pornography in your own community.


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